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03/06/2011 16:52:42

We share items for praise, prayer and our financial and spiritual goals.

We thank God

  • For those who have been faithfully supporting our work
  • For a safe environment for the Youth office
  • For the visiting teams and the generous support to members
  • For opening in our schools to work with students
  • For the 48 souls that have come to the Lord this term
  • For strength, good health and passion to serve Him

Prayer needs:

  • For opportunities to equip our team members through training
  • For more overseas short-term visiting ministry teams
  • Strength for weekly Bible clubs
  • The team as they prepare questions for the High school Bible Quiz-competition coming up on July 10th
  • The students as they study the scriptures and for the school administration's support
  • For the students to understand as they embark on the topic of Trinity this term at Kirangari High School

Financial goals:

  • God's provision to run the weekly Bible clubs (£20 pounds per week)
  • A one-off amount of £230 for the July 10th High school's Bible quiz competition
  • Bible quiz equipment (5 Buzzers and 5 stop watches)
  • Individual's upkeep support
  • Financial help for the ministry/tour van project

Spiritual goals/Challenge:

  • To bring more young people to the knowledge of Christ
  • To help young people get rooted in the Word of God and grow in their faith
  • For the team to continue to be passionate and able to minister into the lives of young people.
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