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02/08/2011 18:18:50

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Family: As the Opolo family, we are grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness in our lives. We thank God for the opportunity to attend the Mombasa conference with my family. It was a good treat and holiday for the family. We are also thankful to the Lord for my wife Millie who was called back to her former job even though still going on with her studies. Please pray for her that she will be able to balance both her work in the office and her academic thesis. Our two daughters Nina and Noella are a joy to the family and we really do bless the Lord for them. At the moment they are down with a cold and we would appreciate your prayers for them.
My (Peter Opolo’s) health has not been so good since I got back from the UK. It has been one thing after the other, it begun with malaria, followed with a severe sore throat, and just last week I was diagnosed with arthritis. It has been a real challenge for me even to attend the Bible clubs or even go to the office. We will appreciate your prayers for alleviation of pain especially after driving or short walks. As a family we are always thankful to your prayers and support.
Bible Quiz: We thank God for a successful inter-schools Bible challenge (High Bible Quiz competition) which we held on the 10th July 2011. The weather was favourable, the students turned up in good time together with their very co-operative teachers( patrons), we had just enough facilitators to have it running smoothly and finished in good time for the students to go back to their respective schools. A team of six students from Dagoretti boys High School emerged as the overall winners. It was both so encouraging and challenging to see how at least 112 students from 3 different schools had taken time to study the six chapters of the book of Hebrews (Hebrews chapter 7-13)
Bible Clubs: We also thank God for seeing the students throughout the term and also for one soul that came to know the Lord. We do trust that God will keep them well until we meet them next term and despite not making to our last Bible club with Kirangari Boys High school on the 19th of July because of an accident with Patrick Juma (a motor cyclist casualty) on our way to the school, we thank God that Patrick Juma did not suffer a serious injury and we were also able to settle the matter out of court. However, we praise the Lord for a successful lunch time and after school Bible clubs with the different schools this term.  Praise and thanks be to God for the powerful and encouraging testimonies from different students concerning the term’s theme “Fruit of the Spirit “
We are also grateful to God for the performance of Spring Valley Academy final students for their penultimate examination also locally known as the Mock examination before their finals in November this year.
Joseph Angira’s update: We also want to thank God for our team mate (Joseph) who got an opportunity to go serve with CAREFORCE, a registered Charity Organization in the UK for one year beginning 6th September 2011. His plans are underway; he finally got a one year UK visa on the 28th July.  “I (Joseph) am very grateful to God for His doing. I am also really encouraged, just how God works things out in His own way and time. I hope that God will see me through the remaining bits of my preparation and may His will take its course.” Joseph now trusts God for the funding of his air-ticket. We understand that the task that lies ahead for Joseph is huge, therefore pray for wisdom, grace, strength, peace of mind and favour as upon his life as he looks forward to serving there and at the same time as he appeals for help from friends, partners and well-wishers.
WOW Limuru Girls.
Caroline Awinja, the only rose-flower in the middle of thorns in the youth team has had a privilege of going through an interactive, life-changing WOW Bible study with a blessed woman of God Sandy Weiss, a missionary with Transformation ministries Africa (TMA) who is also the author of the material. WOW are initials for Woman Of Worth is a Bible study is specifically designed for ladies and carol is now sharing this material with women both young and old hence transforming many lives. We trust God that next term which starts in early September, Caroline will also begin facilitating this Bible study material with Bible study group in Limuru Girls High School for a duration of 10 weeks and to help them look to their deeper meaning in life as well as appreciate who they are and where they are from!
International Teams’ Mombasa Conference:
We really thank God for the opportunity Peter and his family had to attend the conference in Mombasa. It was a time of meeting up with other missionaries and hearing what the Lord is doing in and through them. “The highlight for me (Peter) was the Bible teachings by Duncan Olumbe. He challenged and encouraged us on how to reach out to the marginalised. I (Peter) also got an opportunity to share on a personal level with different people about our work and how they can partner with us. I believe it was a time of refreshment and refocusing on the work we are involved in”.
Pray for Kenya. Many are aware of what is going on at the horn of Africa; we would just like to ask you to pray for our country. Some parts of the country are facing a very severe drought/ famine which have not been experienced in many years. It is very true what some of you may have been seeing on BBC, CNN, or even local TV stations about children, women, men, and animals dying of hunger. The situation is so bad to the point Somalis have fled into Kenya for refuge (humanitarian assistance) despite the same food shortage in Kenya. Most schools have had to close early because of food shortage. The prices of food commodities are gone sky-rocketed and we really find it difficult to make ends meet. We find it really hard to see young people suffering and out of schools because they do not have anything to eat. Pray with us that the Lord will send rains and also well wishers to help the situation before more lives are lost.
Once again, thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and support. (1 Corinthians 15:58)
In His service,
Erick Omondi Otieno    (On behalf of The international Teams Youth Ministry – Kenya)   SKYPE: babayao1


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